Seasonal Workshops

Pivot Point offers seasonal, two-hour writing workshops five times a year.

The ancient Chinese recognized the relationship between emotions and the different elements in nature. To delve deeper into the elements and their associated emotions Jennifer Downs will offer a two hour writing workshop each season focused on the associated element and it’s emotion. The practice of listening to others cultivates the capacity to take in and observe. For the year 2017 the theme will be Embrace your Life through the Seasons.


  •           Summer: Writing Towards Joy
  •           Late Summer: Sympathy and the Power of Listening
  •           Autumn: The Grace of Grief
  •           Winter: A Still Mind Overcomes Fear
  •           Spring: Anger, Spring, Transformation
The Grace in Grief

The Grace in Grief
Sunday November 19th from 2:00-4:00 PM

Send check to Pivot Point 2501 Manhattan Ave. Baltimore, MD 21215 or reserve your spot below. 

In this 2 hour autumn workshop we will write about experience of grief and then explore where that took us. The other side of grief is meaning and substance. We will look at that other side of the coin by seeking images from our own lives.

In autumn things are dying down and returning to the earth. There is a poignancy and a beauty in this. Thus the importance of grief. Through the release of sadness there is an inner shift and we clear space for expansion—of breath, clarity of mind. It is no small thing. We must develop reverence for the reality of grief and the many faces it reveals.

When we let go and allow clearing to happen will we have space and capacity to receive.

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