Embrace your life through the essential practices.  

To roll up our sleeves and get to work, we need good tools. The essential practices are tools that are always there at the ready. When confused or troubled, angry or lost, or even inspired and happy, using the practices provides a focus and can shift the energy of the moment. Periodically, Jennifer offers a session or series on one or more essential practices.

Cultivate a still mind:

The need for rest and stillness between activities is vital. The mind needs rest. The still mind gives a place inside for us to regroup and gain perspective. It makes it possible for us to absorb the insights and observations that arise. Regular practice of a still mind bears the fruit of expanded consciousness. It is foundational to the second half of life.

Apply Tools of Self Knowing:

By the time we are in the second half of life, we know ourselves well in some ways. Tools of self-knowing give us a perspective on who we are becoming as we grow into the years of ripeness. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a tool with particular relevance to the second half of life. The insights into the dynamic alchemy of type help to unlock potential in our inner and outer life.

Seek Out Arts and Music:

The arts have the capacity to touch the soul, stir emotion, and open us to our own wisdom. The arts are tools or practices to explore unknown regions of our selves. To partake of them creates fertile space. It is never too late to begin. The arts enrich daily life and serve as a reminder of our interconnectedness.

Learn Through Service:

To be of service, to contribute, is a fundamental human urge. When we offer service of any kind we weave ourselves into life in a meaningful way. To emphasize learning through service deepens our experience. At some point it is not even about service, it is about belonging. Service learning is an avenue to understand life purpose.

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