Theme for 2018: Contemplate the "power" of each element by season

The Pivot Point Projects Theme for 2018: 

Align with the season through a focus on the “power“ of each element in it’s time of year.

Write your way into the season. Align with the time of year and you welcome nature’s rhythms to support you.  Write as a tool to access images and stories from your life that provide an avenue into your own wisdom. When you look up from writing you see some detail that illuminates the season and it’s related element. Even the angle of the light gives a clue; the scent in the air, the swoop of birds. To attune to these details is to align ourselves to our day and time. Then, from a more grounded place we do what is there to do in our own lives. Clarity arises.

Seasonal gatherings provide a way to attune together in a group. We write from prompts related to the season and element. Stories emerge from each person that awaken us together. Universal truths shine through and we laugh and sometimes cry at the poignant or delicate truths that resonate.

For this year, 2018, we will use the focus of the “power” of the element for the season as experienced through Chinese medicine.

Each element has a “power” associated with it. 

  • Wood and spring: Birth
  • Fire and summer: Mature
  • Earth and late summer: Decrease 
  • Metal and autumn: Balance 
  • Water and winter: Emphasize

To study these powers is to know the seasons and their relationships. To observe these energies permeate our lives is fascinating. I am glad to use this focus for the writing workshops this year. Scheduled each season is a two hour writing workshop, usually on aSunday afternoon. They are open to anyone, space permitting.  You can participate in any or all of them during the year and spread the word to friends and family. 

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Spring, the Wood Element and the Power of Birth

Do you notice geese flying north at this time of year? Geese honk overhead and fly by in a V formation. Think of the energy that takes. How about the angle of the sun at dusk, reaching to light the early evening sky in spring? Birds trill. Breezes waft. Birth happens naturally.

Each season vibrates with one of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal water.) The element and the power associated with it rise up in the natural cycle of things. When we rise with that power like geese on the spring breeze, we align with the season.

Register for the Spring Writing Workshop. Details and Registration here.