I had just retired and taking Jennifer’s Tools and Tasks series allowed me to approach my life with clarity and engagement. The work that lay before me became clearer and I left the series with greater confidence that this part of my life could be as meaningful as the first.
— Jane Berkow Retired Organizational Development Specialist (USDA)

Pivot Point Projects Events and Programs:

The Tools and Tasks of Life Over Fifty - Ten Session Series

This ten session series teaches the skills and tools needed to find direction, clarity and better understanding of life. In this series we will work to integrate what what we learn and take action toward living more purposeful lives.

Essential Practices  

There are essential practices that support the work of the second half of life. For each practice, Pivot Point offers opportunities to cultivate and share insight about them. Get on the mailing list to find out about upcoming offerings.

Seasonal workshops

  •           Summer: Writing Towards Joy
  •           Late Summer: Sympathy and the Power of Listening
  •           Autumn: The Grace of Grief
  •           Winter: A Still Mind Overcomes Fear
  •           Spring: Anger, Spring, Transformation


Fertile space is created when people come together to share experiences and learn together. In the spirit of community and to feed our natural yearning to share Pivot Point offers special programs, such as retreats, book talks, and guest speakers. We often collaborate with and co-sponsor events as opportunities arise.