Embrace your Life through the Seasons series:

Summer 2016- Spring 2017


Pivot Point offers seasonal programs five times a year.

The ancient Chinese recognized the relationship between emotions and the different elements in nature. To delve deeper into the elements and their associated emotions Jennifer Downs will offer a two hour writing workshop each season focused on the associated element is it’s emotion. The practice of listening to others cultivates the capacity to take in and observe. For the year 2016-2017 the theme will be Embrace your Life through the Seasons.


Writing Towards Joy-- the power of the Fire ElementSunday June 26, 2016


We will explore the phenomenon of Joy and relive vivid experiences from our lives in this two hour workshop. Whether joy seems within easy reach or a distant memory, on this day we will tap into a reservoir of joy inside. Writing towards Joy is our theme.
Be patient with yourself and have faith.
Then we will share stories.
Quote from The Prophet Joy and Sorrow


Late Summer

The Power of Listening--Sympathy- to give and receive. The Earth Element

Sunday August 28 from 2-4 pm


Sympathy is the emotion associated with the earth which is the season of later summer or Indian summer season. It is the time of harvest. There is abundance in nature. To be nourished we must have the capacity to take in and digest. To be sympatico with our lives with nature, with each other. We must have the capacity to receive as well as to give. In this two hour seasonal workshop we will experience the season and write about our experiences. We will reflect on times we were able to receive and digest experiences and times that were not so easy.

We will share stories and practice listening. To listen well is to get in synq and to be sympatico with others.



The Grace in Grief Sunday October 16 from 2-4 pm

In this 2 hour autumn workshop we will write about experience of grief and then explore where that took us. The other side of grief is meaning and substance. We will look at that other side of the coin by seeking images from our own lives.


In autumn things are dying down and returning to the earth. There is a poignancy and a beauty in this. Thus the importance of grief. Through the release of sadness there is an inner shift and we clear space for expansion—of breath, clarity of mind. It is no small thing. We must develop reverence for the reality of grief and the many faces it reveals.

When we let go and allow clearing to happen will we have space and capacity to receive.



A still mind overcomes fear - Monday evening December 19 from 7-9 pm

“To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.” Lao Tzu

Fear is a necessary emotion and like all the others must be explored and understood to provide wisdom. Winter is a season of rest and hibernation. It is the ultimate stillness and darkness. Only when we reach that deep, dark cold place does the light begin to return. In that dark place are palpable gifts and comforting moments. Fear is natural in that place.
In this two hour workshop we will write our way into seeing fear with detachment and gain insight into the role it plays in our lives.



Anger, Spring, Transformation

We all experience anger. How we express, manage and understand its power is a challenge for everyone. To the ancient Chinese anger was one of five primary emotions that cycled through life. To observe nature is to see a variety of expression. To observe ourselves is to see that same variety in human life. In this two hour seasonal wisdom workshop we will focus on anger. We will write about our experiences and follow the wisdom within to understand how the potential for transformation exists in any moment.