In Chinese medicine, Wood is the element of Spring representing plants, trees and their qualities.  Plants awaken in spring, manifesting plans embedded in the seeds and roots.  Echoing patterns in nature, the elements function in people as well.  For wood in spring, these qualities include: spurts of energy, clarity of mind and planning, anger transformed into action, sense of rebirth, sour taste, flexibility and strength. Think of the qualities of trees and plants. These manifest in us when healthy.

In this two hour workshop we will write and share to tap into our resources within and resonate with spring and the wood element. 

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Resonate with Spring

Spring Workshop
Location: 2501 Manhattan Ave. Baltimore, MD 21215

Sunday, April 7, 2019
2-4 pm

Host: Jennifer Downs

To register by mail send a check to Pivot Point at 2501 Manhattan Ave. 21215 or RSVP to confirm attendance

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