Acupuncture and Seasonal Adjustment

Every season is unique. Now in August and September we have brilliant late afternoon sun and locusts buzzing. Fields are full of vegetables and trees with fruit. Each season has familiar characteristics that we all know. The cycle of seasons mirror within us, and we shift gradually from one season to the next. When we take note of these changes, we find harmony more easily within ourselves and with others.

As an acupuncturist, I am like a gardener. My role is to bring the various elements within us to a more harmonious place. Simple treatment adjustments often address a variety of symptoms. To treat in alignment with the season is to empower nature to help in the healing.

Nature is always rebalancing as are we human beings. Nothing is static. A big storm provides a release of energy and of water as rain. A good belly laugh generates joy and connects people. Pain in the body requires us to slow down and pay attention. Our ancestors lived by seasonal cycles. They responded with changes of diet, sleep patterns and the schedule of their days. In modern times we find this challenging.

A garden plot responds well to tending. Plant, weed, water, amend the soil, and a garden will flourish. Timing is everything. Plant seeds when they will have time to flower and fruit. Do this ongoing and the plot remains fertile and productive. Winter brings rest and rejuvenation. We too need to rest more in winter. We generally don’t rest enough. Then we pull on our reserves of energy more than intended. This weakens the whole system: body, mind and spirit.

The Ancient Chinese had sophisticated understanding about these cycles in nature. Chinese Medicine is based on the rhythms they observed. In acupuncture treatment we encourage a person’s energy or Qi (pronounced “ch’i”) to move in alignment with these forces around us. Then the person is freed to feel a sense of well being and relief of symptoms. To empower the seasonal changes by the use of acupuncture needles is a simple way to attune to oneself.

Part of health is the ability to move naturally through emotions. This may sound simple, but in the middle of a slightly uncomfortable emotion, we may forget this truth. Anger may arise which needs to transform into action under ideal conditions.

To sit and gaze at the sky can be a balancing activity. To focus on doing a chore can be another way to gain balance. To watch a play and laugh with abandon does wonders for us. Acupuncture works with these principles and provides a way to draw on the forces of nature to help us align.  

Note about acupuncture:
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